The Music of Nigel Evan Dennis & Mike Brown. Welcome. Below, you will find our recent works, experiments and what's ahead.
05 / Earth Hum 2018
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04 / 15 Bursts 2017
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03 / Bone Broth 2017
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02 / Weaving Spiders Come Not Here 2017
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01 / Do I Really Need These People? 2016
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Other Experiments
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Nigel Evan Dennis and Mike Brown have nearly spent 20 years bouncing ideas off of each other in various basements, studios, back bars, and parking lots in Chicago. They've been through various artistic stages, but they've always maintained a singular vision: that music is best when it is driven by story. This vision allows them to craft pieces that drip with theme, tone and structural intricacy in a way that immediately connects the listener to the subject matter. These days, you'll find them locked in their studio combining elements of neo-classical minimalism, analog looping and synths, and digital to bring a twenty-some-year old art project to its purest fruition.
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